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Personal Training

Why get a personal trainer?

The primary reason is learning to do it right so that you achieve the results. Doing it right consists of applying good form and posture, with a motivated mind. In the mean time looking at all aspects of your ability: range of movement, respiration, innate physique, time schedule, and lifestyle. If you are not meeting your goals or are plateauing, you may want to consult us!

Who needs a personal trainer?

A quality personal trainer can make the difference in the success of your fitness program. Trainers provide motivation, professional expertise, and personalized attention which are essential elements for achieving your personal goals. A trainer can workout with you regularly, set up your routines weekly or bi-weekly, or even consult and develop routines via the Internet.

Personal trainers vary greatly. Educational background, training practices, session time availability, costs, and personal philosophies are all areas where you will find personal trainers differ from one to another. Working through these variables is the necessary step in choosing a personal trainer for you.

To design a safe, effective workout, a personal trainer needs a good grounding in exercise technique. A personal training or exercise certification indicates that the personal trainer has at least the basic knowledge in areas necessary to conduct a quality session.

Below is an additional list of questions to ask yourself or the prospective trainer when choosing a personal trainer:

  • Is the cost of a personal trainer within your budget?
  • Prices can range from $35 to $200 per hour/session. Get these in writing so you can check for any hidden fees.
  • Does this trainer care about your lifestyle and goals?
  • A good trainer should ask at least as many questions as you do. These questions will help them help you develop safe and realistic goals.
  • Are their references available?
  • Are you able to communicate well with the trainer?
  • Listening and communication skills are important for a personal trainer. You will be working closely with this person and a lack of communication will not only cause your workouts to be less effective but may also make them unsafe.

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