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Bodyfit Classes

Instructor Information

All instructors are BCRPA OR affiliated accredited group fitness instructors reassuring you that you are receiving the best instruction of today's fitness.

You deserve fun, hard working results, so come into Bodyz today and register for your group fitness class and watch your self ignite with new energy.

Class Schedule

All classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise indicated.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
6:00 AM Silver Strength
  Silver Strength
7:45 AM         Power Yoga
9:00 AM Spin/Core
Super Set Strength
Spin/Core & Buns
Super Set
Spin/Boot Camp
11:45 AM Barre
5:00 PM Hatha Yoga
  Power Yoga
6:00 PM   Bootcamp
Strength &
7:15 PM   Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Any class changes and last-minute cancellations will be posted on the Bodyz in Motion Facebook Page. If you wish to be added to our cancellation list, please leave your name and number at the front desk. **Participants are welcome to come for half of the class if they wish.

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Class Descriptions

Core - Build and strengthen your core stability in this fusion class which draws on fitness techniques inspired by Pilates while incorporating a multitude of equipment ranging from BOSU balls, TRX and stability balls.

Spin - Pedal your way to a healthier heart and a nicely toned physique. Each class is unique where you could find yourself conquering sprint intervals, uphill climbs or racing your neighbor to the finish line. Each class finishes off strong while toning your core, glutes, or hitting a bit of everything with a short bootcamp session.

Super Set Strength – Your “go to” full body strength training workout. Hit every muscle group while you build strength and flexibility. Say goodbye to fat with blasts of HIIT cardio and push yourself to the limit, break through boundaries and achieve your maximum fitness potential.

Pilates - Pilates is a unique system of controlled movements aimed at developing full body strength and improving range of motion through precise movements coordinated to breath. This class uses a mat and props with modifications available for all levels.

Bootcamp - Come ready to sweat in this circuit style class - get your heart racing and muscles firing while you push, pull, jump, tone, and sculpt your way to the ultimate hard body. Bring everything you’ve got for one hard HIIT-ing class that will have you coming back for more.

Hatha Yoga - Strengthen, stretch, tone and relax. Whether you are trying to get in shape, cope with office stress or relieve the tightness in your body from sports or weight training, you'll work with your breath and movement in this Hatha class to revitalize the body and mind. It is an uplifting practice that increases muscle tone, improves flexibility, improves concentration, detoxifies the vital organs and allows you to experience a state of deep relaxation.

Vinyasa Flow - A combination class starting with a seated meditation, moving into a mix of flow, standing, balancing, and seated postures to develop full body strength and flexibility. Ending class with a few deep, opening stretches and leaving you feeling zen and rejuvenated.

Power Yoga- A dynamic mix of sweat and spirit this class is designed to tone your body and electrify your mind. This flowing class is perfect for all levels, allowing the beginners and advanced students to be challenged in the same class – this class may include inversion options for those who choose to be upside down, and modifications for those who prefer to be upright. This flow will torch calories, tone your body and relax your mind while leaving you with a smile on your face.

Strength & Stretch – For the busy fitness enthusiast - Blast away fat and build muscle with a 45 minute full body workout using light weight and high repetitions. Once your muscles are fatigued, enjoy 45 minutes of much needed (and often skipped) Yin Yoga based stretches – this full-on release through targeted yoga poses integrated with props eases tired and fatigued bodies and minds while calming your nervous system down and stretching connective tissue; when you gently stretch connective tissue by holding a yin pose for a longer period of time, the body will respond by making it a little longer and stronger - which is exactly what you want.