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Keys To An Effective Workout
August 22nd, 2017

Many of us come into the gym on a somewhat regular basis; whatever that looks like for you, maybe itís three times a week, or maybe itís six, in any case there is some key factors to ensure youíre getting the most effective workout possible.

  1. Consistency.
    Keeping a regular workout routine is a huge component in seeing results from your efforts. Life gets busy sometimes and thatís okay, but we recommend trying to keep your workout routine as consistent as you can. The ďyo-yoĒ training (coming in everyday for a month then not coming at all for three weeks) is not only hard on your body but can make it more difficult for you to see the results youíre looking for.
  2. Listen To Your Body.
    A good workout should leave you feeling sore for a day or two, but if youíre pushing yourself into four or five days of soreness then we suggest stepping back a little bit and listening to the type of training your body needs, and then working your way up to the High Intensity Workouts you may be interested in doing once you can complete them with only a few days of soreness.
  3. Proper Nutrition.
    The saying goes, ďabs are built in the kitchenĒ but so are the rest of your muscles! You could be doing the most effective workouts, with a world renowned trainer and still hit a plateau before you reach your goal, but with the proper diet, your body will have the adequate nutrition it needs to fuel your muscle growth and fat burning. Itís not always easy to determine the diet that your body reacts best to, but it is important to ensure itís getting the right amount of nutrition for your training level and style. It takes time to adjust the quantities and types of food, but keep at it until you see the results youíre looking for.
  4. Set a Goal.
    Without a goal, itís easy to Ďtake it easyí or skip an extra day, but once you have a goal you have something to work towards. It may be a specific event, or date, or a goal weight, but whatever it is, you know that skipping a day or having a slack day will hinder your progress in reaching that goal. What happens when you accomplish that goal? Set a new one, we are constantly evolving and working everyday to become version of yourself is an ongoing goal; simply put - be better than you were yesterday.
  5. Push Past "I Canít."
    While listening to your body is a vital part of your success, sometimes you do need to ignore that little voice in your head that says ďthatís enough.Ē Now, we donít mean the one that is saving you from being sore for five days, but we mean the one that stops you at 9 reps because itís hard, even though you know you can do 15. When we hit the point in a repetition where we want to quit, that is when we can grow the most.
  6. Recover
    Allow your body the time and sleep it needs to recover properly. For those of us who are perpetually active, an active rest day is an integral part of recovery. Instead of high intensity or high volume exercise everyday, ensure you give your body a day or two a week in which you are actively resting; think yoga, a gentle hike or light cardio.

Still think you could use some help? One of our amazing personal trainers would be more than happy to get you on the right path, let us know you're interested and we'll reach out to you within a day!