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What's the Hype About Pre-Workout?
June 12th, 2017

Chances are you've heard a thing or two about pre-workout. In fact, it would be hard to avoid hearing people talk about it, or seeing it online or in fitness magazines; it has become a staple in the fitness industry. And unlike certain supplements that are geared toward more avid gym-goers pre-workout supplements are targeted towards helping everyone get that added boost of energy they need to make their workout count. That's why people like it, but people seem to REALLY like it... So aside from it's obvious energy boost, what is it about pre-workout that has got everyone so hyped up?

  1. 1. ENERGY. In a chaotic world where everyone is trying to squeeze a workout in before a meeting, after work or during their lunch break it's no wonder this quick and easy energy in a glass has become such a fan favourite.
  2. 2. Muscle Building - Many pre-workouts contain BCAA's which are a primary component for muscle gains, particularly Leucine, which increases the rate of MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) which in turn assists with muscle production.
  3. 3. Fat Loss - the high content of caffeine in pre-workout supplements has been linked to an increased rate of fat burning while also increasing alertness and strength; so you have the "I think I can, I know I can" mindset to help you train harder.
  4. 4. Gains - Pre-workouts help give you that muscular pump, that nice and toned, ripped and athletic swell that only a good workout can produce.

With that knowledge, it's clear to see why everyone and their dog is pumped about pre-workout supplements; but keep in mind, these are the basic benefits of most pre-workout supplements and there are a large variety of variations available amongst them. Some variations containing more or less caffeine, additional amino acids or extra citrulline-malate (to reduce fatigue and soreness) while helping you gain that elusive "pump." In any case, be sure to explain to your personal trainer or fitness expert exactly what you want your pre-workout to accomplish in order to ensure you're using the best possible pre-workout supplement for you.