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Set Your Barre Higher
March 10th, 2017

If you've been hearing people talk about "barre" lately you're not alone. These classes are growing in popularity around the world; and there's good reason to why. Although inspired by ballet, Barre classes are so much more than that - through the mindfully constructed sequences, you use small controlled movements of various muscles allowing you to specifically target different muscle groups.

If you haven't tried barre yet, here's some reasons why you should join us at our next barre class:

  1. It's fun and challenging in a way that you've probably not experienced before. Different postures, movements, and exercises may not feel like a lot in the moment, but your body will be sore in all new places after a good class.
  2. The small controlled movements help reduce pressure on your joints and tendons; making this perfect for those nursing injuries, recovering, or looking for a lower impact class that offers the same fat burning and body sculpting benefits of some of the higher intensity classes.
  3. You'll push yourself! The standard 10-15 reps won't cut it in barre. Through the tiny controlled movements and proper form this class is designed to fatigue your muscles to the point of failure...feel the burn, see the results!
  4. Lose weight and inches! The targeted moves often hit the areas typical classes miss, allowing your body to tone and tighten in just the right places. Fatiguing your muscles also helps your body burn more calories by trying to repair them.
  5. You don't need any experience! This class is adaptable to all levels of fitness. If it's your first time at the gym in ages, or you're here 5 days a week; all levels will feel the benefits of this amazing class. We currently offer a Barre class every Friday at 9AM - come on in; we'll see you at the barre!