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Five Tips For A Healthier Halloween
October 29th, 2015

Trick or treat? Another Halloween has snuck up on us. With this fun and festive holiday comes heaps of sugar for everyone. From office treats and parties, to Halloween night with the kids, this holiday means weeks of high sugar snacks. According to a recent article published in Time Magazine, the average child accumulates 3,500 to 7,000 calories worth of treats on Halloween night… approximately 44 hours of walking for a 100 pound child! With excessive calorie consumption (all from sugars) it's important to try and stay active and limit the sugar consumption when possible. Now, we love candy too, so we won't be unrealistic and tell you to shut your doors and turn off your lights on Halloween, but we do urge you to be cautious and smart with how much candy you and your family do eat and make a point to stay active whenever possible. To help prevent you and your children from having a 7,000 calorie night and high calorie days and weeks to follow, here is a list of 5 things you can do to make it happily and energetically through another Halloween:

  1. Make healthy food available - Before the chaos of Halloween sets in, make some healthy snacks that can be frozen and packed easily into lunches. Think sugar free banana bread, or our energy bites. These pre-made treats will fill you up so you don't have as much room for candy.
  2. Fill up before you trick or treat- This rule is for both parents and their children, if you're walking around with a bag full of candy and you’re hungry; you will eat it. So make sure you and your children eat a full nutritious meal before heading out; this will help cut back the number of treats you eat.
  3. Walk, don't drive - While you may need to drive to your location of choice for the "best" trick or treating; make sure that you and your children walk as much as possible, wear a pedometer or turn on your fitness app to reach your goal for the night.
  4. Set limits - The days following Halloween can be just as sugar fueled. It's always a good idea to limit the number of pieces of candy your child (and you!) are allowed to eat each day. Putting the rest away in the freezer or closet will keep your mind off of it after you've had your daily limit.
  5. Stay active! - Plan some activities that will keep you active over the next few weeks when that sugar low may be pulling you towards movies and naps. Plan a workout with a friend, go for a hike or bike ride; whatever you do just make sure you set a plan so that you are obligated to follow through on your active commitment.