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Blog » Spice Up Your Workout This Fall
September 30th, 2015

It,s that time of year, the time for layers of warm comfy clothes, pumpkin spiced everything and hiding indoors. When the temperature starts to drop and the hours of daylight get shorter it's easy to lose motivation, but it's important to keep yourself on track! While "beach body season" is temporarily behind us there are still plenty of reasons to stay focused on your fitness goals; your health, energy levels, happiness, quality of sleep and outlook on life will reap the benefits of your dedication. Without the sunshine, lake time, and unlimited amount of fun outdoor activities summer brings, we need to do what we can to pump positive endorphins through our bodies! Here are some tips to help you make the most of the season change in your workout regime.

  1. Change with the seasons - the leaves are dropping and the pounds aren't? Time to spice up your workout. Try something new. Never tried a spin class, High Intensity Interval Training or yoga? Kick start your body with a new exercise style. Check out our schedule of fitness classes to see what your next workout favourite will be.
  2. Use the weather to your advantage. Fall can actually be a great time of year for outdoor activities, cycling, hiking, and jogging are great cardiovascular activities to enjoy when the temperatures are a littler cooler. With the sun doing down sooner, be sure to wear some reflective clothing if you're out past sunset.
  3. Fit exercise into your daily routine. You know these tips, but many of us will take shortcuts when the weather's hot, so try going back to the simple things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, park further away from where you're going, or try and turn some of your meetings into walking meetings; which are reported as being much more effective than traditional meetings.
  4. Treat yourself. If you're feeling unmotivated it's important to treat yourself with things that encourage a positive lifestyle. Buy a new gym outfit, create a new playlist, go for a massage or try learning something new. Avoid boredom and you'll avoid hitting that plateau.
  5. Find a role model. There's nothing more motivating than talking with someone you admire about your goals; find your fitness role model, or even a friend that has similar fitness goals to you and keep eachother motivated. Plan a new workout, or set new goals together. Sharing them with a friend/motivator helps you stay committed. If you're in need of some help, stop by and speak with one of our personal trainers to give you some guidance and tips to take your fitness to the next level.